Explanation Behind the Name

Now I am going to tell you the story behind my nickname, Chum. It started when I was just a baby because I did not crawl, I scooted. My dad said I was "Chummlying around." So after a little while he started calling me Chummy, hence the nickname.

      Turns out that chum means "close friend." Unfortunately, it also turns out that it means "fish bait." But it is a great nickname all the same and I would not change it for the world. Now almost everyone I know calls me Chum.

     A couple of variations of the nickname that my family came up with are: Chum-bo, Chummy, Chummly, Chum Chum, and many more. One of my favorites is when my 4 year-old sister was a baby and could not pronounce it properly, so she called me "um. "

     Thank you so much for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed it Please comment about what you think! Oh, and come back again!

- From Your Chum

Me when I was 8 years old

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